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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jesse (Sonny) Carlton who was born in Wisconsin on Jul 26, 1946 and passed away on Oct 22, 2004 at the age of 58. We will remember him forever.  If you would like to have a picture of Sonny and your memories with him and would like to have it posted on here, please e-mail Christy at and I will post it for you.
Tributes and Condolences
So many times.....  / Christy Janke (Daughter)
I have reached for the phone to call him. So many nights I have lain awake just letting the memories drift through my mind. So many tears I have cried because he is no longer with me here on earth. What's a girl to do when she doesn't have her Dad ...  Continue >>
Missing you so much!   / Teressa (Daughter (in-law) )
So many times we have wondered what would Dad have done?I am not sure about the rest of the family but I know I have realized that not only did God take you to ease your suffering but also to make us stand on our own. We relied on you too much at tim...  Continue >>
another letter to grandpa   / Kelly Janke (Granddaughter)

It has been 4 years now that you have been gone i miss you so much i have been avoiding the fact that you are gone because i still can not stomach reality. I know you are better there and you have no hurt or pain but we all miss ...  Continue >>
4 years and still missing you!   / Teressa (Daughter)
Well Dad it has been 4 years and so much has happened. Corrina now has 4 children! Cori has had another and 1 on the way. Nicki is going to have a baby in a month or so. Bethany is going to have a baby any day. She has had a particularly rough time ...  Continue >>
Another year has gone by   / Corrina Komatz (Daughter)
Almost 4yrs since you have been gone Our family is growing so big with more additions on the way this year. You would be proud! Life is hard these day but I remember the advice you told me and the great role model u were to me. Just wanted to let you...  Continue >>
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2 Years Have Gone By  / Teressa     Read >>
letter to grandpa  / Kelly Janke (Granddaughter)    Read >>
Looking Back  / Teressa Carlton (Daughter)    Read >>
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Never Alone  / Kelly Janke (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Eulogy (letter) from funeral  / Kelly Janke (Grandaughter)    Read >>
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His legacy
I Can Only Imagine  

When I first read this poem, It described my Dad so perfectly I knew I had to find a way to share it with others. ~Christy
The other day God called you home to live with Him above.
He said, " It's time my precious child to feel my arms of love".
He opened up the pearly gates and ushered you inside.
Then smiled at you and welcomed you with His arms open wide.
I can only imagine what Heaven's like but I'm sure you stood in awe.
I can picture you in Jesus arms just taking in it all.
I know you longed to be with Him, to see His gentle face.
To look into His loving eyes and feel His sweet embrace.
I'm sure you fell upon your knees and worshipped at His feet.
Then joined the choir singing songs and melodies so sweet.
You lived your life down here on earth by serving God above.
And now you'll spend eternity singing Him songs of love.
Oh how you loved Him all your days, you gave Him your whole life. Your love for Jesus shone so bright even in times of strife.
You shared His love by how you lived, you gave Him everything.
And I hear him say, "Well done" for living for the King.
Thank you for your faithfulness, for trusting in the Lord.
For all the times you prayed for me you deserve his best reward.
I know each day you said a prayer for family and each friend.
And I know that you were faithful and prayed until the end.
I know you're up in heaven now, your face I cannot see.
But all those precious memories will always stay with me.
I knew someday you'd leave this earth and live with God above.
But I will keep you in my heart and think of you with love.
Author Unknown

From His loving Son, Mike  

I am part of my Father's legacy. He was the best Father in the world who left us to be with the Man he worshiped and Loved so much, GOD! He was always asking me to help out with various things at the Church. Planting a seed. Now he is in Heaven watching his seed grow. I pray that I would lead people to the Lord like my Father before me did. I am so glad he never gave up on me! I will never give up on him!
His loving son, Mike

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